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Teen Patti is an Indian variant of the world-famous Poker game. It is an amazingly interesting game featuring lucrative pot winnings. Due to its ability to bring good money to the winner, the game is played all over India during Diwali. It is one of the favorite titles among Indian punters.

But, hey, gone are the days when it was limited to offline gaming. Nowadays, the game is easily accessible online, and many punters play it enthusiastically on their mobile phones and desktops. Moreover, the live casinos give you the luxury of gaming with other players and human croupiers. Overall, Teen Patti is a fun game that can engross you for hours. 

If you are new to the game, don’t worry. We have got you covered! Read our thorough guidelines on Teen Patti to learn everything about it. Let’s get started with our Teen Patti tutorial!

How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is one of the simplest games to learn and play. That is one of the reasons for its popularity in India. 

The game is played with a pack of 52 cards. Out of these, the joker cards are not considered for the game. Teen Patti can be played among a group of three to seven players with a single pack of cards. 

As the game begins, three cards are distributed to each player. These cards are served face down, and the distribution occurs in the anti-clockwise direction. 

Remember, the dealer also plays along with the players in the Teen Patti game. The player, who wins the hand in this round, becomes a dealer in the next round of the game. 

Once the cards are served, the players start placing their bets depending on the cards they receive. The player sitting immediate left to the dealer places the first bet. It then continues from there on to the next player. 

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Teen Patti Rules 

Teen Patti has certain principal rules which players must be accustomed to before starting the game. The most important ones are how to form the winning hand in the game. There are six important hands in the game. 

Each of these hands has a hierarchy featuring the highest to the lowest sequence. Any player who has the highest sequence of any of these hands wins. Here are the top six hands of the Teen Patti game in a sequential manner.

Trail or Set (Three of the same rank) 

A hand consisting of three cards of the same rank form a Trail. The sequence is formed by different suits of the cards. It is known by various names such as Trail, Set and even Trio, depending on the region.

Some instances of Trail or Set are as follows:

  • Three sets of Ace: Ace of Spades, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Hearts
  • Three sets of Kings: King of Hearts, King of Clubs, King of Diamonds 
  • Three sets of Five: 5 of Clubs, 5 of Spades, 5 of Hearts

The largest of the Trail sequence is standard three sets of Aces, and the lowest is that of three sets of twos. 

Pure Sequence or the Straight Flush 

A Straight Flush is formed by three consecutive cards of the same suit. It is also called Pure Sequence since it has three cards with consecutive numbers.

Some instances of Straight Flush are as follows:

  • A-2-3: This is a consecutive sequence formed as Ace, Two and Three cards of Spades suit. A-2-3 is considered the best among the Straight Flush sequences. 
  • A-K-Q: This is the next best Straight Flush sequence. 
  • 4-3-2: This is the lowest best Straight Flush sequence.

This sequence is easy to remember in your memory during the game.

Sequence (or Run) 

Sequence or Run is made up of three consecutive cards. The catch is these three cards can be from different suits. This is what makes it different from the Straight Flush sequence. 

Some instances of Sequence combination are as follows:

  • A-2-3: Here it is Ace of Spades, 2 of Diamond, and 3 of Clubs.
  • 6-5-4: This sequence is formed by 6 of Clubs, 5 of Hearts, and 4 of Spades.
  • A-K-Q: It includes Aces of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and Queen of Clubs.

As you can see, the sequence follows the same as Straight Flush. However, the card suits are different in all. 

Colour (or Flush)

The Colour sequence is formed by three cards of the same suit. It is not necessary that these cards remain in consecutive order. They can form any order of sequence. 

Some of the instances of the Flushes are:

  • K-J-5: Consider this is a sequence formed by red suits of Diamonds. All the cards of King, Jack and 5 are red in colour and are of Diamond suit. 
  • 9-8-3: This sequence is formed by a black suit of spades. So, all the cards are black in colour and come with a spades design.

As you can see, the colour and suits of each of these sequences are the same, respectively. Sometimes, two players might have two different ranked sequences of Color each. In such cases, the highest of the 3 cards in both the sequences is compared to determine the winner. If both the highest cards are the same in the sequence, the next highest of the sequence is compared. If these second cards are also the same, the third card is considered to determine the winning hand.  

Pair (Two Cards of Same Ranks)

In a Pair sequence, you will find two cards of the same rank and a third different card. The suits and colours of the cards can be different. 

Some instances of Pair are as follows:

  • K-K-9: Here it’s King of Spades, King of Clubs and 9 of Diamonds. 
  • 5-5-Q: The sequence is formed by 5 of Clubs, 5 of Hearts and Queen of Spades.

So, you can see in instances there are two cards of the same rank but from different suits. These are termed as Pair. When comparing two hands of two different players, the Pair is compared first to ascertain the winner. A hand consisting of Ace Pairs is best. A hand with ‘2’ is the last best Pair. So, depending on the hand the player has, the winner is decided. 

If both the players have the same Pair, the third card is considered to decide the winning hand.  

High Card (No Pair)

A High card sequence is formed by three cards which have nothing in common like the above types. The sequence can consist of different colours and suits. They also can be consecutive or non-consecutive cards. So, these are basically made up of suits that are mixed up.

Some instances of High Card are:

  • A-K-J: This sequence can be formed by Ace of Spades, King of Clubs and Jack of Diamonds.
  • J-9-6: Here, it is Jack of Hearts, 9 of Diamonds and 6 of Clubs.

As you can see, the sequences are random and not necessarily consecutive values. Additionally, they are formed by different suits and colours. The best hand of the High Card is A-K-J, formed by a mixed suit. The lowest hand of the High Card is 5-3-2.

When comparing two High Card hands, the first highest card between the two hands is considered. The player with the highest card wins the hand. If both the players have the same first card, then the next highest card of the sequence is compared. Finally, the third card is considered to decide the winner.

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Learn Teen Patti 

Now that you have understood the basics of Teen Patti let’s move on to learn more details of the game. Below we will define various terms used during the Teen Patti game. You need to be accustomed to these Indian gaming terms before starting to play the game.

After that, we will also explain to you the betting process, variations in the game, and many other associated factors. Let’s continue below.

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As the game continues, players add more stakes to the pot.

Introduction: Players, Cards, Deal 

As we mentioned above, the players are served cards face down in the clockwise direction. 

Boot Amount/Ante: Boot amount is the minimum stake each player has to contribute to the pot, which is placed in the middle of the gaming tables. The boot amount is collected from the players before the cards are dealt. It is also known as Ante.

As the game continues, players add more stakes to the pot, increasing the total stake amount.

Once the cards are dealt, the players can see the cards and play (which is known as playing See) or play without seeing the cards (known as Blind play). 

Blind: A player playing the game without seeing his cards is known as a Blind player. While playing blind, you just deposit your stake amount into the pot. The Blind bet amount can either be the current stake amount or double the current bet. 

For the first player, the current stake amount is equal to the Boot amount. So, he can either add an amount equal to the boot amount or its double. Remember, the first player has already added the boot amount before the cards are dealt. Any amount added after the cards are served is just the stake.

When only two players are left at the table, only then a Blind player can ask for a Show. In such a case, both the players end up showing their cards to compare and determine which hand wins the round.

Seen: When a player sees his cards after they are dealt, he is known as a Seen player. The bet amount for the Seen player is 2x to 4x the current stake. 

After seeing the cards, you have to opt for one of these below options:

  • Chaal (Call and Raise): Chaal indicates that the player can continue to play after seeing the cards. Hence, he must now wager a bet amount which is 2x to 4x the current stake. You can only place the bets as a player if you have good cards. 
  • Pack: If you don’t have good cards and wish to drop the game, you can opt to Pack. 
  • Side Show: You can ask for a Side Show when you have seen your cards. The Side Show allows you to compare your cards with the previous player. Now, remember, the previous player must be a Seen Player for him to show his cards. If he plays Blind, he won’t be able to show you his cards. 

Furthermore, even the previous Seen Player can either accept the Side Show request or deny it. 

If the previous Seen Player accepts your request to Side Show, you can compare your cards with him. If he has better cards compared to your set of cards, you are required to Pack. Given you have better cards compared to the previous player, then the previous player must Pack. 

After this, the game eventually continues to the next player.

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Teen Patti Ranking of Hands 

We already mentioned different kinds of Teen Patti hands. These include:

  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Sequence
  • Colour
  • Pair
  • High Card

Now each of these hands comes with different sequences and Teen Patti ranking. Any hand that has the higher rank of any of these sequences will win the round.


Teen Patti comes with many interesting variants. These variants will spice up your experience when clubbed and played together. Here are some of the popular variants of Teen Patti:

  • Best-of-four: Everyone gets four cards served in the Best of Four variations. Each player has to make the best three-card sequence possible. The best hand achieves to win the gaming round. 
  • Lowball: Lowball is also known as Mufliss. In the Lowball variation, the rankings of a hand are reversed. So, any sequence with the highest ranking will be considered the lowest according to the Lowball and vice versa.
  • Wild Draw: Wild Draw allows the dealer to choose a card from the pack randomly. The dealer draws the card after he has served the cards to the players. So, this Wild Draw will be considered as the wild card for that particular round of Teen Patti. All the cards of the same rank as Wild Draw will be considered as wild cards.
  • Low Wild: Low wild is formed by the lowest-ranking card of the three card sequence of each player. This means that each player will have his low wild card, which is one among the three cards served to him. If you end up having two cards of the same rank, the lowest in the sequence, then both will be considered as two wild cards.
  • High Wild: High wild is the highest-ranking card of the three-card sequence served to the player. This high wild card acts as a wild card for the particular sequence. If two highest cards are of the same rank, then that pair will be held as two wild cards. 
  • 4x Boot: This variety of the game operates like the normal teen patti with the key deviation being that the boot value is 4 times the normal boot value. The 4xboot is quite fun to play as the stakes are higher with more money. For Teen patti the boot value is described as the minimum amount of chips everyone has to remove before gameplay.

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3 Patti Sequence Probabilities 

Here is the chart of Teen Patti sequence probabilities based on 52 cards of the deck (excluding 4 Jokers): 

Three of a Kind0.24%
Straight Flush0.22%
High Card74.39%

Teen Patti Sequence Payouts 

Depending on the Teen Patti series, the payouts are in the following orders:

Ante BonusPayout
Royal Flush5:1
Straight Flush5:1
Three of a Kind4:1
Pair or BetterPayout
Royal Flush200:1
Straight Flush40:1
Three of a Kind30:1
One Pair1:1
3+3 BonusPayout
Royal Flush1000:1
Straight Flush200:1
Four of a Kind50:1
Full House25:1
Three of a Kind5:1

Where Can I Play Teen Patti Online?

There are several online casinos that host Teen Patti for Indian users. But not all are trustworthy to access. Hence, we have researched and brought you the top popular and reliable online casinos to gamble at. Check the list below where you can play for real money and may even earn good offers.

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Play Teen Patti Pin Up Casino 

Pin Up is one of the leading online casinos accessible in India. The platform hosts several online and live casino games that are easily playable through the Indian Rupee currency. 

During our Pin Up Casino review, we found three different varieties of Teen Patti games here. If you are new to the platform, you can sign-up and claim the welcome bonus deals to play the Teen Patti game. The welcome bonus will help improve your bankroll overall. Also, unless you are sure you can play for real money, we suggest you try the demo version for free.

Pin-Up Casino Teen Patti Search Results Screenshot
Pin-Up Casino Teen Patti Search Results Screenshot
Pin-Up Casino Teen Patti Gameplay Screenshot
Pin-Up Casino Teen Patti Gameplay Screenshot

Play Teen Patti MostBet Casino 

MostBet is the next best online gambling and sports betting platform on our list. It has been in the business since 2009, proving amazing reliability and trust to the users.

At MostBet, you can find a variety of games to enjoy. Among these, there are a few Teen Patti variants to play. Developers like Ezugi, XProGaming, TVBet, VIVOGaming and a few others have brought their Teen Patti titles here. You can access the game in both software and live versions.

MostBet Teen Patti Search Screenshot
MostBet Teen Patti Search Screenshot
MostBet Teen Patti Live Gameplay Screenshot
MostBet Teen Patti Live Gameplay Screenshot

Play Teen Patti 1Win Casino 

1Win Casino is a wholesome betting platform offering a wide range of online casino games. From Andar Bahar to Slots, Teen Patti, live dealer games and more, the platform has a lot to offer.

1Win Casino has an excellent variety of Teen Patti games. Users from India can play this game with Hindi-speaking croupiers at 1Win live casino. Moreover, you can also opt for a software-version for the game to play by yourselves.

1Win Teen Patti English Gameplay Screenshot
1Win Teen Patti English Gameplay Screenshot
1Win Teen Patti Hindi Gameplay Screenshot
1Win Teen Patti Hindi Gameplay Screenshot

Play Teen Patti 4RaBet Casino 

4RaBet is home to around 8000 online casino games accessible both in live and software versions. It sure has one of the richest collections of games to play and enjoy. 

You will also find different variants of Teen Patti brought by different developers. Some of the options included here are Teen Patti Champion, Teen Patti Express, Teen Patti 20-20 and Poker Teen Patti. 4RaBet also mentions some exciting tips and tricks for its users to learn and apply to Teen Patti games. Visit the site to know all about it. 

4RaBet Teen Patti Gameplay Screenshot
4RaBet Teen Patti Gameplay Screenshot
4RaBet Teen Patti Search Screenshot
4RaBet Teen Patti Search Screenshot

Teen Patti FAQs

We hope that now you have clear instructions for playing the Teen Patti game. Here are some queries and answers to them that punters usually ask.

Is 3 Patti Hard?

Not at all! 3 Patti is one of the simplest forms of poker game. You can learn it easily by playing demo versions online for free.

Can I Play 3 Patti with Real Cash?

Yes, you can play 3 Patti for real cash online. We recommend the best online casinos, like PinUp, MostBet, 1Win and 4RaBet, to access the game for real money.

What is Better – Rummy or Teen Patti?

Each of these games is entertaining in its own way. You can try them for free in the demo version and pick the best game that suits you.

Can I use Cheat Sheets while Playing Teen Patti?

You cannot use a cheat sheet while playing Teen Patti online. It is built in a way to offer fair gaming to all the players involved.

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